VIVRI® was established approximately 4 years ago in the United States, with the firm mission of helping people achieve the best version of themselves by living a healthy lifestyle. With thousands of VIVRI® Challenges to date, we have proved the safeness, reliability  and effectiveness of our products, which simply generate confidence due to the quality of its formula and process. We invite you to try our products and experience the wonderful results VIVRI® will help you achieve.

The products in the VIVRI® Essential Nutrition System are fabricated in the United States, in a cGMP approved plant, one which is certified by the NSF International Organization, the same one which endorses the process of fabrication of a product  to determine it complies with specific standards of safeness, quality, sustainability & performance. The VIVRI® products count with FDA certification, The Glycemic Research Institute in Washington DC, approved by NFL® and is offered in presentations such as Vegan and Kosher (KSA Kosher certified).

VIVRI® holds itself to the highest quality and standards of production on all of their product lines.




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